DTZ Qatar participates in nationwide 'No Paper Day' campaign

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April 10, 2016

DTZ Qatar participates in nationwide sustainability campaign to save paper

DTZ Qatar is proud to be a part of the ‘No Paper Day’ this year, in cooperation with Qatar Green Building Council and Qatar Foundation. The campaign is an initiative to advocate the reuse and upcycling of paper to preserve the environment’s long-term health. No Paper Day took place on April 7th.

Commenting on DTZ Qatar’s participation in the campaign, Mr. Edd Brookes, General Manager of DTZ Qatar, said:

“As an international real estate consultancy, we often promote the principles of international best practice as our responsibility towards economic sustainability in the real estate market.  We now have an opportunity to demonstrate our commitment to environmental sustainability by participating in the ‘No Paper Day’ by the Qatar Green Building Council and the Qatar Foundation. This is a great way to benefit the environment and remind businesses to be mindful of their consumption of resources and their environmental footprint. It is quite surprising how much unnecessary printing and wastage of both paper and toner even a modest size office can create. We very much intend to ensure we continue the lessons learnt from the No Paper Day in the future”.

DTZ Qatar is an active member of the Qatari business community and is the oldest international real estate consultancy operating in the country.